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Bi-monthly  60- minute channeled healing, guidance and message sessions  in a virtual group setting. Private member portal, access to replays, private voxer chat, supportive bi- weekly emails. 

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Angel Healer Training Digital & In-Person

October 4th  - November 5th

Live Training Calls with Jeanne:  6 weekly - 2 hour virtual group sessions. 

Live Implementation Sessions: 6 weekly - 1 hour virtual group coaching calls with the Angel Team. 


In-Person experience

Date: November 3, 4 & 5th
Time: 9am to 5pm ET
At: The Silo, New Milford CT

Live your purpose and be the change the world needs!

Spiritual leaders understand the importance of aligning with the Divine for living authentically and sharing their gifts with others. No matter what field of work you are in with Jeanne’s Angel Healer Training you will balance your emotional energy to trust your intuition and learn her God-Based method for working with your extra sensory gifts. 

Jeanne Street has created an advanced professional program, perfect for those who want to develop their intuitive and connection skills for working with Divine energy. It is the perfect way to deepen your skillset, expand upon your current profession, or for your personal soul expansion.

Start today, the Angel Healer Training digital course awaits you. 

Live your purpose and be the change the world needs!

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6-Payment Option

What People Are Saying:

I completed her Angel Healer Training about 5 years ago and it really gave me a more centered and happy approach to my life. In the course I learned so much about how to love myself more and in that I have more clarity about how to maintain my center and not personalize everything. It has been a process for sure and I am far from perfect … but I have to say it is the place where I really started to understand myself in a way that would not have happened otherwise.

Teresa Finadli ~ Wellness Coach, Past Life Regression Therapy

I’ve learned to honor myself and be in my own light and trust in my authentic self. From the Goddess Principles, to the superfoods, divination tools and new skills will serve me as a Angel Healer Training

Nicole Rinaldi ~ Teacher, Angel Healer

I was blown away by Jeanne Street’s Angel Healer Training. Each class couldn’t come soon enough because I was enjoying it so much. I have learned how to work with my intuitive gifts in a whole new way through her course. I loved all the different visual exercises that helped me to receive messages with greater ease and clarity. If you are someone on a healing journey who wants to raise your vibration and deepen your intuitive gifts this class is for you.

Carly Sensenbrenner

Through Jeanne’s Angel Healer Training, I developed a daily habit of checking in with my "intuitive"self that has been locked for so many years. With weekly homework and practices you cannot help but get closer to who you truly are. I have become more and more aware of what my spiritual gifts are and how to access them. This book gives a nice guideline and pace of how to unlock that Goddess that lies within you, enhancing your spiritual connection like I've never experienced before

Melissa Cummings ~Registered Nurse

Jeanne's natural healing ability has been polished to shine with compassion, and is anchored in a firm Faith and commitment to guiding others towards a greater degree of conscious awareness in living this Life. Her delivery is grounded, frank, and therefore honest and practical. No sugar coating or flowery distractions here. The beauty she will help you uncover within yourself is real if you choose with her guidance to pick it up and claim responsibility for your own healing...not some rote pop-culture mantra of baseless positive affirmations without roots - Jeanne encourages and empowers clients to dig deep and learn to see through the veil.

Kami Bacon ~ Intuitive healer, RYT

I carry the lessons I've learned from this course everywhere with me, it has changed my life completely. I now have a deeper understanding of life, as well as myself. This course has sent me on the most magical path of healing that continues on, even after the course ends.

Nichole Alexandria

Jeanne has helped me to become a much better version of me by helping me to heal and release all that no longer serves me, so I can more freely move towards all that lies ahead with clarity and focus. I am blessed beyond measure to work with Jeanne – I’m so glad our paths crossed!

Billie Streets

The Angel Healer Training has been more of an emotional experience than a physical one. Even though I feel better physically. Emotionally, I feel like I am supported.

Chrissy W. ~Teacher

"Taking Jeanne’s Angel Healer Training has 100% changed my whole world! She taught me how to realign with the inner me. And showed me the love and compassion I needed to push through my dark night of the soul moment and come out shining BRIGHT on the other side. I love her and I could not say enough about her. EVERYONE needs the information she teaches in this course–EVERYONE"

Ashley Russo ~ LPN & Angel Healer

I enrolled in Jeanne’s Angel Healer Training---this training provided a community of like minded souls with a space to reignite and tap into the intuition and healing we each hold in ourselves. It is through Jeanne’s vision, intuitive abilities, helpful spirit and direct guidance, that I found this experience enriching both personally and professionally. If you are looking for someone to teach you about yourself through a spiritual lens by learning about raw foods, divination tools, meditation practice, intuitive guidance, and so much more, Jeanne Street is your girl! And, as a spiritual medium she can help you connect with your loved ones who have crossed over---which is such a validating and comforting experience. Jeanne is an inspiration and I’m blessed to be part of her team both as a student and healer

Lana LaChance

Taking Jeanne’s Angel Healer Training transformed the journey I was on. It provided a simple yet strong foundation that answered so many questions I never knew I had. I learned so much about myself. Her training really helped me to understand energy principles, along with quieting my mind, learning to let go, and to separate the drama in order to see my light and the light in others. One of the things I appreciated most was how simple she made it, and yet now looking back on it as I grow, I realize how complex it is because I can apply what I learned from her in so many ways and on so many levels.

Heather Simmons

Jeanne Street’s Angel Healer Training was both a reminder of the healing value of present mindedness and a manual for daily connected, spiritual practice. The principles continue to guide me to examine myself and life as it insists upon itself, resulting in new found peace and authenticity.

Elaine ~Educational Consultant

I have become more and more aware of what my spiritual gifts are and how to access them. Spiritual connection like I've never experienced before.

Shanna ~Registered Nurse